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January 20, 2004


Colombiangel1213: do u no where i could get info bout hiking and mountains and stuff like that
sylloge: ?
Colombiangel1213: thats it
sylloge: That's what you've been looking for? You could search for it
Colombiangel1213: yup

Colombiangel1213: sry g2
Colombiangel1213: g

[sometime passes]

Colombiangel1213: so u got more info whre i could get it ?
sylloge: Have you tried ?
Colombiangel1213: yup
sylloge: And there is nothing on the internet about hiking and mountains and stuff like that?
sylloge: Seems like someone would have put up a page by now
Colombiangel1213: i think so

[sometime passes]

Colombiangel1213: do u think i could lokk in another site
sylloge: How old are you?
sylloge: Don't you get it?
sylloge: Google is a search engine ....
sylloge: You can find anything
sylloge: watch!
Colombiangel1213: ok
sylloge: All about hiking and mountains and stuff
sylloge: See?
Colombiangel1213: ok clam down

[sometime passes]

Colombiangel1213: thanx any ways
Colombiangel1213: bi

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January 15, 2004

Littlemotivride, part 3

Littlemotivride: do you know of any sites with valid cd keys
sylloge: I'm afraid I cannot help you there
sylloge: You have been reported to the authorities
Littlemotivride: for counter strike
sylloge: Legel proceedings will commence at the discretion of the supervisor

Littlemotivride: wow
sylloge: Be prepared to stand trial
Littlemotivride: for asking for a cd key
sylloge: OK, we will let you off the hook this time
sylloge: Others have come before you, and their end was not pretty
Littlemotivride: i didn't know it was illegal
sylloge: Consider this a warning, Jared
Littlemotivride: wow
Littlemotivride: now i know
Littlemotivride: and my name isn't jared
sylloge: I would hate to see you end up ... like them
sylloge: Dude, you told me your name was Jared yesterday
Littlemotivride: i also told some girl that my name was zach grenton
sylloge: Was she cute, this girl?
Littlemotivride: and gary vohn
Littlemotivride: and aaron jinlings
Littlemotivride: i have a lot of names
sylloge: Jinlings is kinda nice
Littlemotivride: i live in canada
sylloge: As do I
sylloge: I live in Vancouver
Littlemotivride: and sadi arabia
sylloge: Have you ever heard of British Columbia?
Littlemotivride: iran
sylloge: Saudi
Littlemotivride: i don't really live there
Littlemotivride: i can't even spell it
Littlemotivride: i would never tell anybody my real name
sylloge: Good thinking
sylloge: If you tell people your true name, they can steal your soul
sylloge: I read about that once
Littlemotivride: do you have a lap top
Littlemotivride: cause it doesn't say if you're typing or not
Littlemotivride: cause a guy i talked to had a lap top and i couldn't tell if he was typing
sylloge: I use trillian
Littlemotivride: what is that
sylloge: Look it up
sylloge: Do you have a blog?
Littlemotivride: what does it mean you are a file sharer
Littlemotivride: cause that is what it says when i leave the arrow on you name
sylloge: No idea
Littlemotivride: and how could you have reported me to the authorities before i ever did anything
sylloge: Hey Jaaronarylings, DO YOU HAVE A BLOG?
Littlemotivride: what is that
Littlemotivride: i don't know anything about comps
sylloge: Have you ever seen the movie 'Minority Report'
sylloge: ?
Littlemotivride: no
sylloge: That explains how you can be reported
Littlemotivride: that also had flying cars
sylloge: If a psychic predicts that a crime is going to occur, they can arrest you pre-emptively
Littlemotivride: well i don't think you are a psychic
sylloge: I am not
sylloge: But I have psychics on staff here
Littlemotivride: who predicted it then
sylloge: Anyway, Chrsit, I can't believe I am wasting so much time
Littlemotivride: ask them how many fingers i'm holding up
sylloge: Kid, unless you are over 18, please do not visit this site:
Littlemotivride: what windows are open right now
sylloge: Thank you and please do not come again
Littlemotivride: why
Littlemotivride: dude
sylloge: I'm afraid I am going to have to block you
sylloge: Have fun though - the net is cool
sylloge: You will learn a lot
Littlemotivride: dude
sylloge: don't forget to exercise though
sylloge: you need fresh air as well
Littlemotivride: i have a six pack
Littlemotivride: and i can bench 150


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simss2s: Hey
sylloge: s'up, yo?
sylloge: I mean WHAT it is?
simss2s: Hey do you answer questuions
sylloge: Only if you put a question mark at the end

simss2s: ok
simss2s: Mercantilist theory stated that the volume of this was unchangable?
sylloge: jeez - that's a tough one
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

[some time passes]

simss2s: Whats the capitol of California?
sylloge: Sacramento
simss2s: Capitol of Spain
sylloge: Madrid
sylloge: Kid - have you never heard of Google?
simss2s: yea
simss2s: doesnt really work
sylloge: And it is capitAl, with an "a", not an "o"
sylloge: CapitOl is just in Washington*

* Note, I didn't have that quite right myself.

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Giddyup1155 redux

Giddyup1155: hey
sylloge: s'up?
Giddyup1155: nmjc u
sylloge: nmjc?
sylloge: What does that mean?

Giddyup1155: nothing much just chilling
sylloge: aha
Giddyup1155: r u a bot?
sylloge: Dude, you asked me this yesterday.
sylloge: No. I am a person.
sylloge: I am at work.
sylloge: Shhh ....
Giddyup1155: ok
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
Giddyup1155: y
[Giddyup1155 has been blocked]

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January 14, 2004

Littlemotivride: redux

Littlemotivride: who is this
sylloge: wtf?
Littlemotivride: i'm just asking

sylloge: You IM'd me before
sylloge: asking about the Iraq war
Littlemotivride: i didn't say that you im'd me first
Littlemotivride: i was just asking who this was
sylloge: My name is Stewart
Littlemotivride: oh
Littlemotivride: o
Littlemotivride: i'm jared
Littlemotivride: i saw your screen name on a site
Littlemotivride: and you had answered some guys questions
sylloge: right
sylloge: life is good

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Giddyup1155: hey
sylloge: ahoy - how can I help?
Giddyup1155: r u a robot?
Giddyup1155: ??
sylloge: nope
sylloge: I am just a regular fella

Giddyup1155: o
sylloge: r u a bot?
Giddyup1155: no
sylloge: well, unfortunately you blew your question on that
Giddyup1155: what
sylloge: too bad - you could have got a good one answered!
Giddyup1155: do u no any robots
Giddyup1155: ???
Giddyup1155: hello?
sylloge: sorry - was away for a while
sylloge: I'm at work
Giddyup1155: ok
sylloge: And no, I only know humans
Giddyup1155: o whats your name
Giddyup1155: ????
sylloge: Stewart
sylloge: What's your name
Giddyup1155: mikey

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January 13, 2004


Littlemotivride: when did the iraq u.s. war start
Littlemotivride: do you know
sylloge: Have you ever checked out Google?

Littlemotivride: i don't know what to ask them
Littlemotivride: it only brings up words from the articles
sylloge: Here's a good page:
sylloge: oops
sylloge: one sec
Littlemotivride: thanks
sylloge: March 19th was the first day
sylloge: oh, this page is better:
Littlemotivride: was it last year
Littlemotivride: when we invaded iraq
sylloge: Yes, March 19, 2003
Littlemotivride: thanks

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January 11, 2004

rappinchild1 redux

rappinchild1: got a few more
rappinchild1: i didnt get them on google or yahoo
sylloge: ok
sylloge: by, the way, I think SeXyThUg150 likes you as more than a friend

rappinchild1: haha
rappinchild1: wut make u think that
sylloge: Oh, I can just tell
sylloge: is she cute?
rappinchild1: ye
rappinchild1: i told her she waz
sylloge: And what did she say?
rappinchild1: thnx
rappinchild1: r u talkin to her right now?
sylloge: not any more
rappinchild1: i didnt c wut u said?
sylloge: is that a question?
rappinchild1: no
sylloge: I said: "not any more" (not talking to her any more)
rappinchild1: o
rappinchild1: but here is my q
rappinchild1: common name of Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Polysaccharides
rappinchild1: ??
sylloge: That was a tough one
sylloge: The answer ..
sylloge: Carbohydrates
rappinchild1: thnx
rappinchild1: wut happen waz i waz suppose to bring my chem book
rappinchild1: but i forgot it
sylloge: right, well ... such is life
sylloge: good luck!
rappinchild1: thnx

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SeXyThUg150: hey
SeXyThUg150: hey
sylloge: s'up?
sylloge: s'up?
SeXyThUg150: nuttin
SeXyThUg150: who is this
sylloge: wtf?
sylloge: you IM'd me

sylloge: who is *that
sylloge: *?
SeXyThUg150: do u know david
sylloge: I know at least 4 David's, that I can think of
SeXyThUg150: of
SeXyThUg150: he lives in plano
sylloge: Texas?
sylloge: I know no Davids in Texas
SeXyThUg150: yea
SeXyThUg150: oh
sylloge: Is his AIM handle 'rappinchild1'?
SeXyThUg150: well i am jessica
SeXyThUg150: who r u
sylloge: Stewart
SeXyThUg150: yea
sylloge: How old are you and David?
SeXyThUg150: yea sure
sylloge: ?
SeXyThUg150: 16
sylloge: Do you go to the same school? How do you know each other?
SeXyThUg150: met online n he came ova one time
sylloge: Are you also in Plano?
SeXyThUg150: no
sylloge: But are you two dating?
SeXyThUg150: no just talkin

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rappinchild1: yo
sylloge: what it is, my friend?
rappinchild1: got sum q's for ya
sylloge: shoot
rappinchild1: What is the energy-releasing carbohydrate in biological systems?
sylloge: Duh ... glucose.
rappinchild1: man u r f-in awesome

sylloge: thanks!
sylloge: May I recommend Google? -- you can often find the answers to your questions there
rappinchild1: ye
rappinchild1: i lookd up question answerer and i found sumin to do w/ u and sweetroxy215
sylloge: why didn't you look up energy-releasing carbohydrate in biological systems?
rappinchild1: really didnt think it would have the answer
rappinchild1: since ur the oracle
rappinchild1: do u kno wut im gunna ask u next
sylloge: nope, that is not within my powers
rappinchild1: k
rappinchild1: how are pollysaccharides formed?
sylloge: well, they are made out of three of how simple sugar units
sylloge: how? magic, I think
sylloge: I had to look that one up ...
sylloge: ... using Google
sylloge: ... which is free
rappinchild1: o
sylloge: ... and available even to you :)]
rappinchild1: ic
rappinchild1: so ui just use google to get the answers to the q"s people ask u
sylloge: well, most of them I know already
sylloge: that was the first one I have had to look up
rappinchild1: haha
sylloge: mostly people ask really easy question
rappinchild1: thats koo
rappinchild1: 1 gram of carbohydrate= ------- calories?
sylloge: hold on a sec
rappinchild1: k
sylloge: more info on polysaccharides:
sylloge: they are made from dehydrated disaccharides
rappinchild1: its suppose to b a # answer though
sylloge: ah, ok
rappinchild1: lol
sylloge: Dude, if you just type in "1 gram of carbohydrate in calories" to Google, you get the answer
sylloge: which is: 4
sylloge: You try it
rappinchild1: aiight
rappinchild1: im just gunna start usin google
sylloge: This homework is useless though
rappinchild1: all r
rappinchild1: do u know about ki?
sylloge: they just want a list of numbers? what's the point - you just look crap up online
sylloge: ki?
sylloge: never heard of it
rappinchild1: ye
rappinchild1: energy
sylloge: ki is a type of energy?
sylloge: or ... you mean kj?
rappinchild1: no ki
sylloge: a J, not an I
sylloge: well, then nope - never heard of KI
rappinchild1: u kno like ki, prana, quantum...
rappinchild1: o ic
rappinchild1: k
sylloge: KJ is kilojoules
rappinchild1: well thnx for the help
sylloge: Qi!
rappinchild1: o ye
sylloge: You mean chinese spiritual stuff?
rappinchild1: i kno that
sylloge: Is that in your homework?
rappinchild1: but it is spelld diferent ly
rappinchild1: 3 way
rappinchild1: naw
rappinchild1: jw
rappinchild1: qi,ki,chi
sylloge: yeah, it is a chinese word, so the way you spell it in english is up for grabs

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