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January 15, 2004

Littlemotivride, part 3

Littlemotivride: do you know of any sites with valid cd keys
sylloge: I'm afraid I cannot help you there
sylloge: You have been reported to the authorities
Littlemotivride: for counter strike
sylloge: Legel proceedings will commence at the discretion of the supervisor

Littlemotivride: wow
sylloge: Be prepared to stand trial
Littlemotivride: for asking for a cd key
sylloge: OK, we will let you off the hook this time
sylloge: Others have come before you, and their end was not pretty
Littlemotivride: i didn't know it was illegal
sylloge: Consider this a warning, Jared
Littlemotivride: wow
Littlemotivride: now i know
Littlemotivride: and my name isn't jared
sylloge: I would hate to see you end up ... like them
sylloge: Dude, you told me your name was Jared yesterday
Littlemotivride: i also told some girl that my name was zach grenton
sylloge: Was she cute, this girl?
Littlemotivride: and gary vohn
Littlemotivride: and aaron jinlings
Littlemotivride: i have a lot of names
sylloge: Jinlings is kinda nice
Littlemotivride: i live in canada
sylloge: As do I
sylloge: I live in Vancouver
Littlemotivride: and sadi arabia
sylloge: Have you ever heard of British Columbia?
Littlemotivride: iran
sylloge: Saudi
Littlemotivride: i don't really live there
Littlemotivride: i can't even spell it
Littlemotivride: i would never tell anybody my real name
sylloge: Good thinking
sylloge: If you tell people your true name, they can steal your soul
sylloge: I read about that once
Littlemotivride: do you have a lap top
Littlemotivride: cause it doesn't say if you're typing or not
Littlemotivride: cause a guy i talked to had a lap top and i couldn't tell if he was typing
sylloge: I use trillian
Littlemotivride: what is that
sylloge: Look it up
sylloge: Do you have a blog?
Littlemotivride: what does it mean you are a file sharer
Littlemotivride: cause that is what it says when i leave the arrow on you name
sylloge: http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/
sylloge: No idea
Littlemotivride: and how could you have reported me to the authorities before i ever did anything
sylloge: Hey Jaaronarylings, DO YOU HAVE A BLOG?
Littlemotivride: what is that
Littlemotivride: i don't know anything about comps
sylloge: Have you ever seen the movie 'Minority Report'
sylloge: ?
Littlemotivride: no
sylloge: That explains how you can be reported
Littlemotivride: that also had flying cars
sylloge: If a psychic predicts that a crime is going to occur, they can arrest you pre-emptively
Littlemotivride: well i don't think you are a psychic
sylloge: I am not
sylloge: But I have psychics on staff here
Littlemotivride: who predicted it then
sylloge: Anyway, Chrsit, I can't believe I am wasting so much time
Littlemotivride: ask them how many fingers i'm holding up
sylloge: Kid, unless you are over 18, please do not visit this site: http://www.fleshbot.com
Littlemotivride: what windows are open right now
sylloge: Thank you and please do not come again
Littlemotivride: why
Littlemotivride: dude
sylloge: I'm afraid I am going to have to block you
sylloge: Have fun though - the net is cool
sylloge: You will learn a lot
Littlemotivride: dude
sylloge: don't forget to exercise though
sylloge: you need fresh air as well
Littlemotivride: i have a six pack
Littlemotivride: and i can bench 150


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That's simply a thing of beauty. But of course, you knew that already, since you're psychic.

Posted by: garrett | Mar 16, 2004 6:39:47 AM

i think he was a kid. you gave him pr0n. cool.

Posted by: you | Mar 16, 2004 10:39:33 AM


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