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February 27, 2004

SkyGurl4, part II

SkyGurl4: hiya
sylloge: hey
*** Auto-response from SkyGurl4: I am away from my computer right now.
SkyGurl4: i swwear to you yur sn is on this website of you and a person talking
sylloge: my SN?

SkyGurl4: yes
SkyGurl4: that how i got it
sylloge: what is a SN?
sylloge: o!
sylloge: screenname?
sylloge: Yes, it is.
SkyGurl4: i thought u were one of those coputer robot htingys
sylloge: God bless the web.
SkyGurl4: lol
sylloge: And yet I am not ... thanks Google!
SkyGurl4: lol!
SkyGurl4: so sorry for "disturbing" you and have a nice life...buh bye
sylloge: no problem
sylloge: you too!
SkyGurl4: ok bye

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February 26, 2004


SkyGurl4: who is this?
sylloge: why would you send *me* an IM and then ask who it is?
sylloge: wtf r u?
SkyGurl4: sry but u were on the web

SkyGurl4: this is [girl's name]
sylloge: aha
SkyGurl4: f/ny/13
sylloge: I am Stewart
SkyGurl4: stewart
sylloge: yep
SkyGurl4: gay name
SkyGurl4: aha
sylloge: thanks!
sylloge: nice to meet you
SkyGurl4: where do u live?
sylloge: Vancouver
SkyGurl4: wheres that?
sylloge: Canada
SkyGurl4: woah i live in new york
SkyGurl4: how oldr are you
sylloge: 30!
sylloge: you should get your friends together and go to this site: http://flickr.com
sylloge: you will have fun
sylloge: I have to go now
sylloge: I am at work
sylloge: not really up for just chatting
sylloge: I can't do anything about my name being on the net, but I am probably not the chat partner you are looking for!
sylloge: later
SkyGurl4: ?
SkyGurl4: ok?
SkyGurl4: 30
SkyGurl4: dammiit
SkyGurl4: yur 30?
sylloge: yep
SkyGurl4: yur a guy?
SkyGurl4: u can go out with my sis...she 29
sylloge: I'm married already, but thanks :)
SkyGurl4: lol...well good luck
SkyGurl4: u shud go to NEW YAWKKK
sylloge: you too :)
SkyGurl4: the best state
SkyGurl4: NOT ewy canade
SkyGurl4: *canada
sylloge: NY rules!
sylloge: My dad is from NY
sylloge: ok - I have to take off again
sylloge: have fun :)
SkyGurl4: lol it does ny rules
SkyGurl4: BUH BYE

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February 17, 2004

Colombiangel1213 redux

Colombiangel1213: i need ur help again
*** Auto-response sent to Colombiangel1213: I am currently away from the computer.
sylloge: ok
sylloge: what's up?
Colombiangel1213: k i need to get info about whre in colombia are the tallest peaks and where are they
sylloge: Are you from Colombia?
Colombiangel1213: yup

sylloge: OK, so, you are asking me? Don't you have a geography textbook?
Colombiangel1213: and i need to get info about some famous climbers in colombia
Colombiangel1213: nope
sylloge: Also, just to be clear: you want to know where they are AND where are they?
Colombiangel1213: yup
sylloge: Have you ever heard of Google?
sylloge: http://www.google.com/search?q=highest+peak+colombia
Colombiangel1213: y r u snotty
Colombiangel1213: thanx thou
sylloge: y r u asking me this stuff?
sylloge: Why not just search for it?
sylloge: Instead of typing that to me, you can type it into Google and get your answer.
Colombiangel1213: i was looking for it

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February 11, 2004


Aerochic455: hey
Aerochic455: hey
sylloge: yo
sylloge: s'up
Aerochic455: r u a robot?
sylloge: no - I am a man!
Aerochic455: oo

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