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March 15, 2004


DreamBoat2993: who r u
DreamBoat2993: tell me now
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: WHO R U

sylloge: WHO R U!??!?!?!?
sylloge: OMG HU IS THIS!??!!?
sylloge: WUT R U DOING?!
sylloge: HELO
sylloge: HELO
DreamBoat2993: ok
sylloge: ok?????
sylloge: "ok", is it?
DreamBoat2993: im [traci] [bella]'s sis
sylloge: BUT IS IT REALLY OK!?
DreamBoat2993: ok....wat?
sylloge: Wait a second ... I'M [Traci] [Bella]'s sis
sylloge: we can't both be her sis?!?!!?!?
sylloge: or can we?
DreamBoat2993: no this is [Lisa] [Bella]
sylloge: What is our mom's name?
DreamBoat2993: Michelle
sylloge: My name is also [Lisa] [Bella]
sylloge: that is so weird!!
DreamBoat2993: uh huh
sylloge: Is it ok with Michelle that you IM strange men?
sylloge: Seems like an odd thing to do
DreamBoat2993: I dont evn know u
sylloge: exactly
sylloge: so, why would you IM me?
DreamBoat2993: I copied ur sn on to my buddy list wen my sis was on the computer
sylloge: aha!
sylloge: and who is your sis?
sylloge: I mean, you said her name, but I don't know her
DreamBoat2993: [Traci] [Bella]
DreamBoat2993: you dont know her?
DreamBoat2993: yeah sure
sylloge: I do not
sylloge: How old is she?
DreamBoat2993: 13
sylloge: I am 30
sylloge: I live in Canada
DreamBoat2993: you cant be
sylloge: I could, and am
DreamBoat2993: no u dont stop lying to me
sylloge: o_O
sylloge: why couldn't I be?
DreamBoat2993: because my sis has ur sn
DreamBoat2993: for some odd reason
DreamBoat2993: wat is ur name
sylloge: Stewart Butterfield
sylloge: Google me
DreamBoat2993: ok...hold on
sylloge: I live in Vancouver
sylloge: I am married
sylloge: I have no idea who your sister is
DreamBoat2993: oh im sory
sylloge: No problem
DreamBoat2993: well my sister has your sn for no reason
sylloge: She must be cRazY!?
DreamBoat2993: no!
DreamBoat2993: r u lieng to me
DreamBoat2993: wow sorry i thought you were my sisters friend
DreamBoat2993: wat does sylloge mean?
DreamBoat2993: ??
DreamBoat2993: ok....bye
DreamBoat2993: wat does sylloge mean?
sylloge: it means a collection or summary ... a digest or apercu
DreamBoat2993: I dont get that Im only in fifth grade!!

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There's something to be said about the impact of technology when a fifth grader, who doesn't yet know the word "collection", understands "google" as a verb. Yes, there's certainly something to be said, but... but... I don't get it, I'm only in twelfth grade!!

Posted by: Andy M. | Mar 15, 2004 11:12:01 PM

This is disturbing. I don't even understand what these kids are saying with all their crazy IM abbreviations. I still capitalize and use proper punctuation and grammar, even on IM. What's up with the kids today? I'm seriously bummed out. I'm 31 but feel ancient.

Posted by: Eric Deamer | Mar 16, 2004 8:56:56 AM

WTF? Dude that is some crazy shit. I do use IM abbreviations but I still know the proper use of grammar and punctuation (and I can even spell, what's up with that). I'm 25 and that fifth-grader makes me feel 85.

Posted by: Alex | Mar 16, 2004 11:12:10 AM


Posted by: J. Peter Sinclair Snotgrass III | Mar 16, 2004 8:19:07 PM

A lot of people type with abbreviations because they don't know how to type correctly. Typing out "ur" is alot faster than "your" when two of your fingers are hovering over the keyboard like vultures, slowly searching out their next victim. Other misspellings and such come from typing too quickly and not rereading what you wrote, like "the" become "teh". I guess typing something quickly in IM and sending it is akin to speaking without thinking about what you are saying, or maybe even talking because you love to hear yourself talk.

Posted by: Marshall | Mar 17, 2004 9:44:55 AM

WTF? LMFAO. ur all out o tuch. LOL. u jus need practce at readin it!!!

Posted by: Peter Caputa IV | Mar 17, 2004 12:37:19 PM

I'm in the same grade as her and I've been using "collection" since the first grade. Is it so hard for people to type properly? Surely in class Dreamboat doesn't write "And the girl said "HU R U?". It's a sad world when English language is mistreated like that.

Posted by: Jade | Mar 17, 2004 3:45:27 PM

I remember having Typing 101 in high school. In regards to english being mistreated - its mostly a conglomeration of other language words anyway. At least its still an active growing language that is constantly changing and evolving. much like the minds of the young 13 year olds. in anycase, i laughed out loud when i read this entry ...

Posted by: mark | Mar 18, 2004 5:28:54 PM

This is so fantastic. Being in the fifth grade and really not getting it. Or being in the fifth grade and really having it together (above comment--Jade) and telling it like it is. Just lovely. Love, Krystal

Posted by: Krystal | Mar 19, 2004 4:58:05 PM

There is also a long literary tradition of contracting/abbreviating words. Ezra Pound - in his letter & in published essays - used "cd." for "could"; "sd" for "said". Christian is Xtian - Xmas is widely used - echoing the Greek, chi. Chi rho iota - abbv for Christ. Et cetera/etc/&c. &/and - the ampersand coming out of MS tradition I believe.

Posted by: hot sir | Mar 27, 2004 9:01:36 PM

ahahahaa this is funny: )))

Posted by: ozgur s. | Mar 30, 2004 2:32:31 PM


Posted by: Traci | Apr 3, 2004 8:20:12 AM

how do u put flickr pics on your blog bar?

Posted by: moreno | Apr 6, 2004 4:34:06 PM

hi how do u write that i want to can i rebecca

Posted by: Rebecca | Jul 3, 2004 7:17:12 PM

hi how do u write that i want to can i rebecca

Posted by: Rebecca | Jul 3, 2004 7:17:22 PM

how can i ask a question?

Posted by: Van Goghgle | Jul 15, 2004 3:39:48 AM

how can i ask a question?

Posted by: Van Goghgle | Jul 15, 2004 3:39:50 AM

Hey on aim how many screen names can u make?

Posted by: Amanda | Sep 11, 2004 2:11:11 PM

Hey i know how to warn people it is just that sometime is says (the screen name) failed how do i get it to work when i wanted to work not when it wants to work???

Posted by: Amanda | Sep 11, 2004 2:14:50 PM

Sometimes I eat pork.

Posted by: Jared | Nov 15, 2004 9:04:19 PM

how do u get a screenname

Posted by: santanahottie | Dec 16, 2004 3:51:21 PM

how do u get a screenname forget it

Posted by: santanahottie | Dec 16, 2004 3:51:42 PM

Omg when i was in grade 5 I was smarter then most of the 15 year olds i know now, IM lingo is gd, it shld b used more of10. My IQ is 144, and i use it, it dnt make ur intellegence lesser, or disgrace english language because its a part of modern society

Posted by: Zut | Jan 26, 2005 5:58:13 PM

I with this guy and im starting to fall for him but i cant tell if its something true to him!!!

Posted by: Diana | Jan 27, 2005 1:29:58 PM

do u no wut the big MO is?

Posted by: Deke BEETZ | Feb 28, 2005 4:06:33 PM