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March 15, 2004


DreamBoat2993: who r u
DreamBoat2993: tell me now
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: helo
DreamBoat2993: WHO R U

sylloge: WHO R U!??!?!?!?
sylloge: OMG HU IS THIS!??!!?
sylloge: WUT R U DOING?!
sylloge: HELO
sylloge: HELO
DreamBoat2993: ok
sylloge: ok?????
sylloge: "ok", is it?
DreamBoat2993: im [traci] [bella]'s sis
sylloge: BUT IS IT REALLY OK!?
DreamBoat2993: ok....wat?
sylloge: Wait a second ... I'M [Traci] [Bella]'s sis
sylloge: we can't both be her sis?!?!!?!?
sylloge: or can we?
DreamBoat2993: no this is [Lisa] [Bella]
sylloge: What is our mom's name?
DreamBoat2993: Michelle
sylloge: My name is also [Lisa] [Bella]
sylloge: that is so weird!!
DreamBoat2993: uh huh
sylloge: Is it ok with Michelle that you IM strange men?
sylloge: Seems like an odd thing to do
DreamBoat2993: I dont evn know u
sylloge: exactly
sylloge: so, why would you IM me?
DreamBoat2993: I copied ur sn on to my buddy list wen my sis was on the computer
sylloge: aha!
sylloge: and who is your sis?
sylloge: I mean, you said her name, but I don't know her
DreamBoat2993: [Traci] [Bella]
DreamBoat2993: you dont know her?
DreamBoat2993: yeah sure
sylloge: I do not
sylloge: How old is she?
DreamBoat2993: 13
sylloge: I am 30
sylloge: I live in Canada
DreamBoat2993: you cant be
sylloge: I could, and am
DreamBoat2993: no u dont stop lying to me
sylloge: o_O
sylloge: why couldn't I be?
DreamBoat2993: because my sis has ur sn
DreamBoat2993: for some odd reason
DreamBoat2993: wat is ur name
sylloge: Stewart Butterfield
sylloge: Google me
DreamBoat2993: ok...hold on
sylloge: I live in Vancouver
sylloge: I am married
sylloge: I have no idea who your sister is
DreamBoat2993: oh im sory
sylloge: No problem
DreamBoat2993: well my sister has your sn for no reason
sylloge: She must be cRazY!?
DreamBoat2993: no!
DreamBoat2993: r u lieng to me
DreamBoat2993: wow sorry i thought you were my sisters friend
DreamBoat2993: wat does sylloge mean?
DreamBoat2993: ??
DreamBoat2993: ok....bye
DreamBoat2993: wat does sylloge mean?
sylloge: it means a collection or summary ... a digest or apercu
DreamBoat2993: I dont get that Im only in fifth grade!!

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matt75229: hello
sylloge: ok
sylloge: s'^?
matt75229: what
matt75229: who r u
sylloge: who r u?

sylloge: you IM'd me
matt75229: who r u
sylloge: who r u?
matt75229: who r u
sylloge: hey matt!
sylloge: you IM'd me!
sylloge: what the hell do you want!?
matt75229: who r u
matt75229: r u a straight A student
sylloge: I am not a student at all
matt75229: wat r u
sylloge: a worker
sylloge: I work
matt75229: wer
sylloge: it's what you do after you are finished being a stuident
sylloge: in Vancouver
matt75229: r u serious
sylloge: (Canada)
sylloge: r U serious?!
matt75229: do u play hockey in canada
sylloge: are you a moron?
sylloge: how old are you?
matt75229: how pld are u
matt75229: old r u
sylloge: 30
matt75229: why do u have a sn
sylloge: because I use AIM
sylloge: we use it at work
matt75229: y

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March 10, 2004


XJeSsyGurLX143: i need your help!
XJeSsyGurLX143: i saw your s/n on a website that is willing to help people with their problems so do you think you'll be able to help me?
sylloge: hey
sylloge: I'm not really one for helping people with their problems
sylloge: but what's up?
XJeSsyGurLX143: i have a boyfriend and i like someone else so we got the hook-up last night now i wanna break up with my old boyfriend but i don't know how to break it to him

sylloge: Ah, well, there is no nice way, really
sylloge: You just have to give it to him straight
sylloge: you don't have to tell him about the other guy
sylloge: but it doesn't help to pad it with a bunch of "it's not you, it's me"
sylloge: his feelings will be hurt no matter what
sylloge: and he will appreciate your honesty
XJeSsyGurLX143: so do you think i should just say that i think it'll be better if we went our seprate ways for a while?
sylloge: yeah
sylloge: the more honest, the better
sylloge: you don't have to tell the bf about the other guy
sylloge: but just that it is not what you want now
sylloge: and it'd be better to go your separate ways
sylloge: and he will be sad
sylloge: and try to convince you the other way
sylloge: but, be firm if you are sure that that is what you want
XJeSsyGurLX143: your right,i've tryed to break up with him before but he convinced me to stay with him but i have to make sure to saty firm just like you said
sylloge: and there you go
XJeSsyGurLX143: thanx so much for your help you really helped take pressure of my back!
sylloge: no problem!
sylloge: good luck :)
XJeSsyGurLX143: thanx bye!

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March 08, 2004

SkyGurl4, Part III

SkyGurl4: yah know yuor icon...is that you?
sylloge: this is me
SkyGurl4: no that picture of that guy..is that picture of you?
sylloge: that is a picture of me

SkyGurl4: yur buddy icon
SkyGurl4: OMG
SkyGurl4: lol
SkyGurl4: woah.....
SkyGurl4: thats cool
sylloge: why? what happened?
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

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